01 Feb

Sunnyvale Aircraft Noise Community Engagement Website Launches

The City of Sunnyvale launched a community engagement website (Noise Lab), which allows residents to see trends in aircraft flight paths and noise events in their specific neighborhoods. Residents can run reports and view statistics about particular topics of interest. This site also includes a flight-tracking website (Flight Tracker) in which residents can view near real-time and historical flight tracks and noise event data covering the past six months.

30 Oct

Sunnyvale Installs Four Permanent Aircraft Noise Monitoring Terminals

The City of Sunnyvale contracted with Casper Airport Solutions inc. to install four noise monitoring terminals (NMTs). The NMTs will capture data from various air traffic patterns, including south flow approaches to San Jose International Airport and traffic into Moffett Field and San Carlos and Palo Alto airports.  The new NMTs can be found at the following locations:

16 Jun

Sunnyvale to Conduct Portable Noise Monitoring

The City of Sunnyvale exercised its option to have Casper Airport Solutions Inc. conduct seven days of portable noise monitoring at each of the seven-candidate permanent noise monitoring terminal sites to establish a week-long LEQ (Equivalent Continuous Noise Level) with certified sound level meters.